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Welcome to Nguni

Nguni Restaurant, an historical monument, is situated in the centre of town. Serving a distinctly South African menu with creative flair, the Nguni lasses only cook with the freshest of local ingredients. Catering for any party, wedding, function or home meal at your venue of choice, this much sought after culinary duo turns any occasion into a memorable feast.

Pop in for lunch or a decadent treat in the charming courtyard or spoil yourself with fine dining in the beautifully appointed restaurant.

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South Africa's indigenous Nguni cattle are possibly the most beautiful cattle in the world, with their variously patterned and multicoloured hides.

The ancestors of Nguni cattle were brought by the Nguni people (Zulu, Xhosa, Ndebele and Swazi people) during their migration to Southern Africa between 600 and 1400 AD. Since then, these animals have played an important social and economic role in the development of these societies and are used as a bride's dowry. The number of animals held by a village or individual determine much of their social status and wealth. King Shaka of the Zulus understood this cultural and economic importance and seized control of the Nguni herds. Shaka also bred the Ngunis according to colour patterns to produce hides for the several regiments of his army, henceforward recognized by them. His elite personal guard was recognised by pure white, from animals of the royal herd, the inyonikayiphumuli.

Ngunis are exceptionally sociable. Because they have lived close to humans for centuries, always in the heart of the Zulu kraal, they are tamer than other cattle. As the planet heats up, hardy, indigenous beasts like South Africa’s legendary Nguni’s will be the continent’s cattle of the future.